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Our Story

It all began in Carini, Italy. I was just thirteen years old, working at my brother-in-laws restaurant as a dishwasher and prep cook. After a couple of years, I started to help the chefs who are professionals that trained in Venice. In 1981, when i was sixteen years old, I had moved to America. I was living in Virginia and was working in a pizzeria-dish washing, of course, and again, i had worked my way up.

I then moved to Massachusetts and had worked at my brothers restaurant as a cook. I was just 20 years old when i opened my first restaurant in Massachusetts After twelve years, in 1999, i moved back to Virgina, where i opened Vito's in Lovingston. It has become a very successful business, thanks to the people in this country and all around. And of Wife, employees, and clientele who helped make this all possible!


Timothy Baldwin

I LOVE vegetarian lovers pizza. The one they make is excellent -- the best ever. It is way above what you get in the franchise pizza joints. The ingredients are fresh, it's cooked to perfection, and boy, does it taste good! The price is very reasonable.

Lucas Edwards

The atmosphere is excellent. You can choose to sit at the bar, at a table or in a booth. The food was excellent! I had the chicken wing appetizer, beef stew special, and the Oreo dessert and every dish was phenomenal.

Blake Alderman

Cozy and unassuming, this is a wonderful place for some genuine Italian food. Delicious pasta, thrown dough, and fresh sauce... I could eat here every day. A slice of lasagna and a glass of wine here is a night well spent.

Lana Kleeberg

Fantastic pizza and subs, equally great prices and the amount and quality of food is excellent! If you happened to find yourself on highway 29, can’t go wrong here. They also have a very respectable craft brew selection.

Suzanne Hayzlett

We have been going there for years and the food always tastes great. Road our motorcycles today with 3 other couples with Vitos as our destination. Everyone got a different entree and everyone was more than satisfied.

Smith Family

We were surprised in a good way. This is a really small town that has 2 really good restaurants. Vito's is a very good Italian food restaurant. Much better than any city chain restaurants. We had 2 different shrimp linguini dishes and both were excellent.