Restaurants That Serve What Is Rattlesnake Pizza

Restaurants That Serve What Is Rattlesnake Pizza Interesting Facts

If you’ve ever wondered what is rattlesnake pizza, you’re not alone. The eerie name might sound like a horror movie. But you should know that it is an actual food that’s made of rattlesnakes. In fact, it is so real that it’s actually on the menu of restaurants in the area. This recipe for a tasty pizza is a combination of snake, cheese, and vegetables, and it can be served with an avocado sauce.

Snake River Pizza

If you’re in the mood for pizza in the mountains, you can’t go wrong with Snake River Pizza Co. They serve a variety of pizzas with a variety of toppings. These include salami, roasted red peppers, anchovies, pineapple, and barbecue pulled pork. You can also choose from specialty pizzas such as rattlesnake jalapeno sausage and Balls to the Walls Pizza, which includes meatballs. Prices range from $4 for a regular slice to $5 for a specialty pizza. The menu also features house salads, a classic Caesar salad, and a full bar.


The PieWorks restaurant first opened in Suwannee, Ga., and now boasts five locations across the U.S. The menu includes everything from traditional chicken and sausage to snake and alligator. In addition to their signature pizzas, PieWorks also offers an array of other gourmet options, including ostrich and alligator. The restaurant offers a casual atmosphere and a variety of toppings.

The Suwannee store’s franchisee, Joe Profit, hopes to open nine more locations in Gwinnett County in the next decade. Besides pizzas, PieWorks serves sandwiches, salads, beer, wine, and desserts. The restaurant’s Kids Rule program allows kids to eat free with an adult. In addition to the rattlesnake pizza, customers can also order pizzas with bacon and ostrich, while those with adventurous tastes can order the ostrich and Spam pizzas.

PieWorks in Atlanta

PieWorks offers a variety of handcrafted pizzas. From gourmet to classic, this Atlanta-based restaurant offers both delivery and pick-up. The menu features unique flavors and twists on the classic pizza. You’ll find a pizza that’s sure to make you say “wow!”

The restaurant began in Suwannee, Ga., and now has five locations in the United States. Besides pizza, the menu also features muffulettas, sandwiches, and salads. PieWorks offers a kids’ rule program, so kids get a free meal with any purchase. Some customers are adventurous enough to try the ostrich or Spam pizzas.

Another Atlanta pizza spot is Dolo’s Pizza. Founded by Alyson Williams, this pop-up serves 12-inch pies with Caribbean flavors. This Atlanta eatery has previously popped up at our bar ATL on Edgewood Avenue and Gilly Brew Bar in Stone Mountain.

Rattlesnake Club (Bistro)

The Rattlesnake Club, a famous Denver restaurant, has changed its name and expanded into an upscale bistro. Originally a tony restaurant that charged a fortune, the Rattlesnake Club became a Denver institution that had a reputation for its upscale Italian cuisine. In the late Eighties, it relocated from its former Tivoli location to a former Blackhawk steakhouse in Cherry Creek. The restaurant’s upscale pizzeria and pizzas have a reputation for being the best in town, and it is expected to grow in the coming years.

The Rattlesnake Club serves a variety of tasty lunch items, including soups and house-made pizzas. It also serves freshly roasted coffee and has an on-property greenhouse. The restaurant is open Tuesday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

In addition to pizza, the Rattlesnake Cafe also serves rustic-style breads and breadsticks. Served in whitewashed baskets with linen napkins, these breads are carefully assembled with a focus on balance. Its decor is modern and stylish, while its food is hearty.

In addition to pizza, the Rattlesnake Club offers other food items such as salads. The restaurant has a greenhouse on its property, so much of its produce is grown on site and used in the kitchen. The salads feature live root watercress and shaved radish. The restaurant also has an in-house bakery, and serves organic coffee.

Rattlesnake corn dog

At the North Carolina State Fair, fried food classics are taking a twist on the newest frontier foods. Among the offerings: a rattlesnake corn dog and rattlesnake pizza. The rattlesnake sausage is cooked in a bratwurst style with chardonnay wine and jalapenos, and then dipped in corn dog mix. WRAL looked into the recipe and creation of this unique food.

The rattlesnake is an extremely tasty and unique food, and you can try it on a hot dog or pizza. The Pioneer Wagon will be serving up a rattlesnake corn dog on the side, as well as elk sausage. You can also find rattlesnake nachos at this unique eatery.

The North Carolina State Fair will run Oct. 13-23 at the N.C. State Fairgrounds in Raleigh. You can find all kinds of fried and barbecued food at the event. From fried churros covered in glitter to gator sausage and rattlesnake corn dogs, you can find whatever you crave at the fair.

Rattlesnake pizza

A pizza topped with a rattlesnake is not your average slice of pizza. This pizza has rattlesnake sausage, tomato, onions, garlic, and other interesting toppings. You can also order alligator, duck, or tequila chicken on it. It pairs perfectly with a venom beer.

You can find a Domino’s on Rattlesnake Hammock Rd in Naples. Along with pizza, the restaurant also serves chicken wings, pasta, and oven-baked sandwiches. Recently, they added salads to their menu. In addition, you can also order chicken wings and pasta to go.

You can also find a Rattlesnake Corn Dog, a grilled rattlesnake corn dog, and other dishes with snake meat. You’ll also find a rattlesnake corn dog at the Pioneer Wagon. Rattlesnake corn dogs and elk sausage can also be found there. Other fried foods you might want to try include Snakebite Nachos, a snakebite corn dog, and a Rattlesnake pizza.

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