What A Lotta Pizza Orange

What A Lotta Pizza Orange Pizza in the oven

What A Lotta Pizza Orange started in 1989 when the La Vigne family decided to open a pizzeria in Orange County. The restaurant is family-owned and operated and is open for lunch and dinner daily. There are daily hours (Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri) and daily menus.

La Vigne family opened a pizzeria in 1989

When Wayne LaVigne and his wife Bonnie decided to open a pizzeria in 1989, they maxed out their credit cards and drove from Michigan to Orange County. They were determined to provide the highest quality pizza at the lowest price. After a few years, they realized that the pizza business had changed and needed to adapt. They added additional stores in Orange County.

The Tra Vigne restaurant opened in 1986 and the pizzeria opened in 1989. The pizzeria was originally called Tomatina and is still known for its Tomatina tomato, which is still displayed at the entrance. In 1992, the pizzeria was renamed Tra Vigne Pizzeria. Over the years, the pizzeria has employed several notable chefs, including Carmen Quagliata, Dena Marino, Michael Gyetvan, and Frank Whittakeritz.

Menu: daily lunch and dinner

Whata Lotta Pizza Orange is a quick, casual place to grab a slice. This restaurant is open for lunch and dinner every day, and it offers an online ordering system. If you’re planning a party, this place can fill the bill.

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