What Happens If You Out Pizza the Hut?

What Happens If You Out Pizza the Hut? Pizza in the oven

In 2016, Pizza Hut released a new slogan, “Out Pizza the Hut”. The phrase has quickly gained popularity among Internet users and has become a meme with many implications. While it was first used on Twitter, the meme has exploded in the ironic Reddit community.

Avoiding pizza restaurants if you out-pizza the hut

There are two major problems with trying to out-pizza the Pizza Hut. The first is that attempting to do so is akin to time travel. You are playing with the fabric of reality and will ultimately be in mortal danger. Second, it will lead to an unhealthy obsession with pizza, something like Ahab seeking revenge against an impossibly large white whale.

Two bullets for the price of one at Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut had a tough year. It delivered negative comparable-store sales in every month. It is not unique in this regard. Casual dining restaurants are suffering from higher gas prices. Despite this, they are able to draw in higher guest check averages thanks to premium pizzas.

Memes about out-pizzaing the hut

The phrase “Out Pizza the Hut” is a catchphrase that has risen to popularity on the Internet. It is a parody of the famous Pizza Hut slogan and is often used in funny and ironic memes. The catchphrase first appeared on Twitter in 2016 and has since gained wide exposure, appearing in numerous videos and parodies.

People who have tried to out-pizza Pizza Hut are in grave danger, as they are playing with the fabric of reality and attempting to out-pizza the hut puts them in mortal peril. Apparently, out-pizzaing Pizza Hut has become a popular meme on Reddit’s subreddit /r/OkBuddyRetard. Initially posted by ProfAlbertEric, the meme has since received over 350 upvotes in three years. Lonesome-Bones also posted the meme on the subreddit and it has gained more than six hundred upvotes.

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