What is 8 Corner Pizza?

What is 8 Corner Pizza? Interesting Facts

The Jet’s 8 Corner Pizza is a unique creation that’s made with two small pizzas stacked in one large box. The result is a tasty pizza with crispy corners. This pizza is a favorite among Jets fans. However, it’s not only available in Jet’s. You can find similar versions of the pizza in New York and Chicago.

Jet’s 8 corner pizza

The Jet’s 8 Corner Pizza is a rectangle-shaped pizza, unlike the traditional round pizza. This shape eliminates the droopy triangle tips, making the pizza easier to make. Its unique flavor profile is reminiscent of the original Italian pie and is meant to appeal to both crust lovers and non-crust lovers. The company has hailed it as one of the most innovative menu concepts in the industry.

The 8 corner pizza features a crispy crust that’s loaded with meat and veggies. It has premium mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, ham, onions, and green peppers. The triangular shape makes it a bit less buttery than its square cousin. For more variety, try the Jet’s X-large pizza or the Party Tray, which is available in 24 pieces.

In addition to its 8 corner pizza, Jet’s also offers 9 specialty pizzas. Each of these is unique, and customers can select the pizza that best suits their tastes. Customers may even order the 8 corner pizza, which is comprised of 2 four corner pizzas baked next to each other. This pizza provides customers with an added benefit of customized baking and a taste of Detroit-style cheesy crust.

Another bonus for choosing Jet’s 8 corner pizza is that it offers curbside delivery, so you can easily order and pick up your pizza. You can also find many ways to heat your pizza at home. Whether you prefer to use an oven or air fryer, you can easily reheat your pizza and enjoy it even more.

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