What is the Best Wood for a Pizza Oven?

What is the Best Wood for a Pizza Oven? Pizza dough

When choosing wood for your pizza oven, you should pay attention to the type of firewood that will give your pizza the best flavor. Some woods produce a very particular flavor, such as oak, while others produce a different flavor. If you’re looking for a wood with a sweet flavor, cherry wood is the right choice. It has a nice combination with other types of wood, and can even be used alongside oak. However, cherry wood will produce a much softer heat than oak, which could result in some rawer vegetables and meat.


The best wood for a pizza oven is a hard wood, such as oak or hickory. It requires about a year to season properly, but once it’s ready to use, it burns slowly and produces a mild flavor with very little smoke. This makes hickory the best wood for a pizza oven, and it can be found in most regions.

While hickory provides a smoky flavor, some people find it too smoky and overpowering. If you’re looking for a more subtle flavor, consider mixing hickory with other types of wood. Pecan wood is one milder variety of hickory. It doesn’t have the same burn time as other hickory types, but it’s excellent when mixed with other types of wood.

Another option is using mesquite wood. Mesquite wood is a good choice for cooking with, but it does emit a lot of smoke. If you’re concerned about the smoke produced by this type of wood, you might want to burn it outside.

Although ash is also a good wood for pizza ovens, it’s more difficult to find than other types of wood. However, ash has the advantage of burning cleanly and consistently, and it doesn’t add a bitter taste to your pizza. Unlike hickory, it’s easy to light, and it’s also great for red meats and fish. It’s also easy to season and can be used in as little as six months.

Oak is another excellent wood for pizza ovens. Oak is a good choice because it burns evenly and doesn’t produce too much smoke. Also, oak doesn’t burn too hot, so it doesn’t overpower the taste of your pizza. Moreover, oak is also common in the United States, so it can be easily used with an outdoor pizza oven.

Using the right wood for pizza ovens is important, because the right wood will make your pizza taste better. Without the right wood, it will end up tasting bitter, and the fire will be more difficult to maintain. Besides, improper wood will make the cleaning process much harder.

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