What Pizza Places Are Doing For Valentine’s Day

What Pizza Places Are Doing For Valentine’s Day Pizza in the oven

The heart shaped pizza is a popular option for Valentine’s Day. The trend started in the 1970s with the New York Magazine. At that time, pizza places like Larry Goldberg started specializing in this type of pizza. A couple years later, Rocky Rococo started selling heart-shaped pizzas with balloon packaging.

Pizza Hut

For Valentine’s Day, Pizza Hut has come up with a new heart-shaped pizza. The pizza starts out as a standard 14-inch pizza, but the team at the restaurant uses a secret technique to shape the crust into a heart. The heart shape is then filled with a ladle of tomato sauce and a cup of cheese. From there, you can choose from a variety of toppings.

To celebrate the special day, Pizza Hut is offering heart-shaped pizzas for a limited time. You can pick up your pizza at the store or order one online. This special pizza is only available until Feb. 16th, but you can also order it for delivery. To celebrate the holiday, you can even order a heart-shaped pizza as a gift.

Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with your significant other or celebrating the occasion with your kids, the heart-shaped pizza is a great way to show your love. A pizzahut representative shared with me a secret hack that allows you to add a special message to the heart-shaped pizza.


For Valentine’s Day this year, Donatos is bringing back its heart shaped pizzas. These pizzas will feature their signature thin crust and premium toppings. The new pies will be available for purchase online, by phone, or at any Donatos location.

The heart-shaped pizzas have been a hit in the restaurant industry, and the first national launch of the heart-shaped pizza tripled sales. The trend caught on so quickly, the pizza chain even announced it had its second-largest Sunday sales day of the year behind Super Bowl Sunday.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to share a heart-shaped pizza with someone you care about. Many restaurants will offer special heart-shaped pies during Valentine’s Day, and many of them have coupons available online for the special occasion. Many of them will offer heart-shaped bread, and some restaurants will also serve heart-shaped pizzas and bread.

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